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Shamanz Shadow Creatively Questions Reality with "Enslaved"

We sat down with Portland based artist, Shamanz Shadow, for an exclusive look into the mind of this rock, hip hop fusion artist.

What Kind of Music Do You Make? (Genre) : Its like Led Zeppelin met Pink Floyd and they went to a HipHop concert

When did you start creating music and what inspired you to become a recording artist? : I performed with a Rock band years ago and walked away for a decade and a half. Then I got my Covid payment in 2019 and invested in equipment and 130 songs and videos came flooding out from nowhere. I had never even been able to use a DAW before that. Suddenly all at once I had hours of styles of music I had never even considered I would be making in my lap and I had to figure out what to do about it.

How Old Are You and How Does That Hurt or Help Your Ambitions in Music ? : I’m 66, well beyond being able to perform with the intensity and energy I had done once. It would kill me now I’m certain.. that’s not gonna be part of the show tho. SO my career must succeed WITHOUT the advantage of live performance, but judging by the condition of live music and venues in the Portland area that's just about the situation the whole club circuit is in. They aren't paying the best acts anymore, and many have to be content to play for peanuts or free or not at all. I'm #12 on Reverbnation's Local Alternative charts without having ever doing 1 live show. On the positive side, I've had the determanation to learn most everything I needed to get the songs into stores on my own… SOFAR anyway. The old man MUST shine.

Tell The Reader About Your Latest Project – what is it about – and – what inspired you to make it?: "Some Kind Of Reality" is a 2 1/2 hour collection, 25 songs covering Hard Rock, Alternative, Techno, Pop, Space Music, HipHop/Rap, even Eastern Indian Music. A real adventure in sound. My inspiration was simply that the heavens dropped it all on my lap to DO something with it and not just sit on it. It's been a challenge producing on a decade old computer for sure.

Now with 3 albums and seven singles released I’ve settled into learning promotion and music education to improve my skills and ears. Its going to have to be MORE awesome for the next sessions, no cheese.

Also I’m invested in the Artificial Intelligence revolution. Mostly album cover graphics but now I’m composing songs and videos with assisted lyrics, song composition and AI talent. I do have 1 video completely A.I. assisted. I strive for my work to be mysterious and other worldly and A.I. is driving that concept forward a step beyond simple human imagination. But, it's never going to replace my HUMAN compositions for sure, just augment it. A.I. can't pull on heart strings like I can.

Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS and What are you doing to get there? : So, having not having planed ANY of this at all I have no idea where Kismet is taking me next. I’m just holding on for dear life!! My plan is to continue to educate, promote day and night and continue forward stronger and more enigmatic than ever and find my audience. When you listen to "Some Kind Of Reality" expect edgy, soulful singing by the lovely Veela and a guest appearance from Derek Sherinian. And expect the unexpected.

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