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Soothing Country Vibes Permeate The Amanda Emblem Experiment's Latest Song

Amanda June Emblem is a songwriter, singer and guitarist. Writing songs has been her obsession since she was a teenager. Throughout her career she has written over a thousand songs, and she has mastered the art of opening her creative mind to the ether, letting melody and lyrics flow. The title track of her latest album, a song titled “The Last Miracle” is a metaphor for this process but also delves into the themes of gratitude and spirituality.

Miracles happen, you just have to recognise them.

The Queensland based singer/songwriter pairs a her airy and calming voice, with gentle country folk instruments to create an overall vibe that will have you feeling like you could happily get lost. The song takes us on a journey as we reminisce alongside Amanda, traversing the terrain of miracles all around us. It's a hopeful song, and a pleasure to listen to.

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